Some technical specs: Getting down to details

Last week I had a meeting with the Assistant Technical Director of the Huntington Theater and we hashed out some of the technical specifications for the elevator design.  These specifications serve to bound the larger, more abstract goal of just ‘building an elevator’.  Here’s a list of some of the details that need to be taken into account in the design process…

  • Should replace the existing hydraulically-operated lift system using the same travel distance and floor space dimensions.
  • Lift a 7×7’ platform
  • Ability to lift a maximum of 1000 lbs.
  • Hybrid operational capabilities, ie. be operated using a standard endless loop electric winch or by hand with a counter-weight arbor system
  • Be comprised of self-contained modular units capable of a breakdown and setup with minimal re-stringing of the cables.
  • Designed with all lifting forces resolved through the lift’s framing and not the building structure.
  • Designed so that during winch operation all reaction forces anchoring the winch are lateral along the trap floor.
  • Utilize the existing lift brake system during winch operation.
  • Utilize a foot-operated brake override during hand operation.
  • Designed to achieve a maximum platform speed of 50 inches/sec.
  • Constructed using light gauge structural tubing (15 gauge).

Now that the problem is starting to become a bit clearer, I can begin to conceptualize some ideas on how to make this work.  Time for some brainstorming!

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