Are You a Risk-er? Or a Safety Net-er?

I’ve always been someone who took risks.

When I graduated college, all of my friends went to get jobs.  They entered the ‘workforce’ as if it was some right of passage.  They claimed their positions behind desks and phones and thick company-policy binders.

But of course, I had to be different.

Me?  After college I went to join the crew of what can only be considered a modern day pirate ship.  The US Brig Niagara was a recreation of an 1813 war ship, had a crew of 40, almost no running water, hammocks for beds, and a full set of square-rigged sails.

You had to learn each one of these lines and what it was attached to…all 6 miles of line.

They were taking volunteers, and I signed up for a minimum of 2 weeks…maximum, well, there wasn’t one.

That single decision to risk my place in the workforce and join a group of knife-wielding, barefoot sailors from around the world unequivocally changed the course of my life.

That was a risk.

Life for me has been a series of these risks, almost to the point of seeing what others do and intentionally doing the opposite.  Just out of spite.  Sometimes, risk-taking seems more of a disease than anything else.

But then I ask you…

How else do you develop a growth mindset?  How else do you escape the trap of lazy thinking?

I’ve since taken many more risks, including going back for a master’s degree, becoming a guide in Alaska, motorcycling the Himalayas, and even getting married.

I learned something from each of those experiences that taught me valuable lessons on life.

Living a ‘safe life’ (of misery and regret?) just wasn’t in the cards for me.

The biggest risk to date?

About 1 year ago, I quit my 9-5 job and struck out on my own.  A huge risk.

But the pain of not doing it was greater than the pain of taking the chance…so it happened.

And while I do realize that you need some safety in life, I prefer it in small doses.


To life, amigos.



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