Northward: The Inside Passage

All I knew is that I wanted to see a bear.

Which I did.  Real close.  Look around at where you’re reading this.  We’re talking, about as close-as-you-are-to-the-nearest-door-right-now-close.

It was one of the scariest days I had while guiding in Southeast Alaska.

Gun drawn, ready to shoot.  Maybe I could scare them off.  Or maybe not.  

But we’ll get to that story in due time.


Getting to Alaska By Water

From Seattle to Juneau, we took the M/V Liseron up through the Inside Passage during the summer of 2009.  I was 1 of 4 wilderness guides with the appropriate US Coast Guard licensing to drive guests around Alaskan waters on 15 ft. aluminum boats.

It was hands-down one of the best summers of my life.


The ‘Liseron,’ a converted French mine-sweeper that acted as “home base” for our adventures

My job was simple.

Keep people happy.  Teach them cool stuff.  Don’t let them hurt themselves.  Bring everybody back.