I wish I had paid more attention…

Look how happy my grandma looks in this picture.  What a great time to be alive.

Though, this picture fills me with a bit of regret every time I look at it.

All of my grandparents, aside from my mom’s grandmother, have died.  And I wish I had paid more attention to them while they were alive.

Heard their stories, listened to them laugh.  Recorded them telling a joke.  Helped them hook up their VCR.

Nothing I can do about that now.

But then I think, ‘what can I do today?’

I ask myself who are the people in my life I can call, or email, or text…to remind them I love them?

See, too much of my day is laser-focused.  I throw all of my efforts on building and sustaining my income.  Focusing on client work.  Staring at a screen.  And every minute, every day, every year seems to slip away so easily.

There will come a time where the people in my life that I love are gone.

And I don’t want to regret not letting them know how proud I was of them, or how much I loved them.  Simply because at the time, ‘I needed’ to write that email sequence or create that product graphic.

Like the greatest achievements in life, I feel it’s accomplished little by little.  A quick call.  A simple text.  You would be amazed at how far that goes when those on the other side feel ignored, neglected or unimportant.

It took me a long time to realize this.

But I get it now.


To life, amigos


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