Where it all began…

We began by flying into New Delhi from Tel Aviv and arriving at 4:30 in the morning.

It turns out that when they proclaim ‘nothing you do can quite prepare you for India’ , they aren’t just being whimsically prophetic….its real.

“Welcome to Thunderdome, Bitch.”

The drive from the New Delhi airport in a tiny sized mini van, even if it was 5 am, was India’s way of grinning ‘welcome to thunderdome, bitch.’ The first thing you experience is a hot, steamy, overwhelming feeling that everything you knew is gone, so prepare for the unexpected.

In this mini van, driven by aju (who picked us up at the airport instead of getting a taxi), we sped through the rickety, sleepy, hazy streets of Paharganj dodging cows, dogs, indians sleeping in the street, kamakazi rikshaw drivers, potholes amidst other traffic hazards so commonplace to Delhi infrastructure.

As we sped through it all, the thought of driving in this place scared the hell out of me.