Terra Koerpel

Josh's Mom

He is a pretty good son. When he calls, anyway. Wait are you recording this?...

Sprint Store Manager

Sold Josh an iPhone

He had a huge contact list on his phone. It took, like, an hour and a half to transfer over. That's all I remember.

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I wish I had paid more attention...

Look how happy my grandma looks in this picture.  What a great time to be alive.

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Are You a Risk-er? Or a Safety Net-er?

I’ve always been someone who took risks. When I graduated college, all of my friends went to get jobs.  

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In 2008, I spent 2 months riding through the Himalayas of North India on a 1986 Royal Enfield motorcycle.  It was insane, in a good way.



  • Southeast


My job: Don’t let them hurt themselves, teach them cool stuff, bring everybody back alive



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